Workout with a Purpose

Posted 25 September 2017 by Maria Stadelman, ACSM EP-C

Maria Stadelman

As you walk into the gym, many things may be going through your head …What should I make for dinner tonight …I need to make it out of here in time to watch the game. You catch up with the front desk staff and make your way toward the locker room. You walk out of the locker room with headphones in, music on, and ready to get your workout started. Weights, cardio, upstairs, downstairs, your own plan, or a program written by a fitness specialist–no matter what your workout consists of that day, it’s geared toward your main goal of becoming a healthier and more fit version of yourself ...or is it? With all the clutter in our lives when you combine work, family, school, friends, responsibilities and everything in between, our fitness goals may get lost in the crowd. Here are a few ways to make the most of your time at the gym.

#1 Get your free assessments.

For new members, this is a great way to get acquainted with the fitness staff as well as become familiar with the gym’s layout and equipment. For long-time members, this is an opportunity to see what goals you have met and which ones you are still working toward, along with the possibility of setting new ones to meet current needs. As fitness specialists, we are here to show you the most efficient and effective path toward reaching your goals–talk about convenience! We will write you a specific program that will help you accomplish your goal, while taking into account any limitations, requests or time constraints. We are here to set you up for success!

#2 Set short- and long-term goals and be S.M.A.R.T about it.

  • Specific | Your short-term goals should be the specific step(s) you need to take in order to reach your long-term goal.
  • Measureable | Set a date in which you would like to reach each one of these steps as well as your final goal.
  • Attainable | Your goals need to be actually doable (...without a genie granting you a wish!)
  • Realistic | You know your body and your schedule, so give yourself ample time to make it happen. (That means longer than 5 days before your sister’s wedding.)
  • Timely | Once you set a date, that’s that. It’s OK to take a couple of off days, but that doesn’t mean you need to change your end date. Your professors never gave you an extension, so why should you?!

#3 Come in with a plan.

On your way from the car to the front desk, take a second to decide what your focus is going to be for the day and what benefit it will have in the journey toward the goal you are trying to reach. After doing your assessment, you will have a program specifically customized for you - taking out all of the guess work! Even so, it is up to you to utilize the program the fitness specialist has written. We are here for questions, concerns and adjustments; however, we haven’t figured out how to burn the calories for you, as much as we would love that. Employ the program, supplement with stretching and a sustainable diet and you are off to the races toward achieving your goals!

Our 10th year anniversary of helping our members reach their goals is right around the corner and we have never felt more confident in our approach. Numerous group exercise classes to meet any need, top-notch personal trainers (if I do say so myself!) to motivate and push you, and assessments to keep you honest and on the right track. Utilize your membership here at Summa and take advantage of all we have to offer! Your mind and body will be grateful.